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Wanna Fly High with Jet City Rollergirls? [Apr. 9th, 2007|02:19 pm]
Jet City Rollergirls



Jet City Rollergirls (Snohomish County’s only all girl and all girl managed rollerderby league) is looking for our Mascot: Amelia D. Scareheart #99! We want you to show up at our May 12th Inaugural Exhibition Bout to strut your aerodynamic persona to the crowd! The crowd will vote at half time who is the best Amelia D. Scareheart and who will blast us off to the best season ever!!!

Do you have what it takes to be the heroine of Jet City’s soaring derby league?
Do you have a cloud buster personality that can warm a cool crowd in a second?
Do you have rocket quick wits to shoot down our opposition?
Are you a cute vintagesque diva or pinup just wanting to soar to new heights?
Are you over 21?
Can you energize a crowd with your dazzling persona and aerodynamic looks?
Can you rocket our 4 teams to victory simply with your presence?
Are you available to show up for bouts and special events to knock our fans outta this stratosphere?

If you answered yes to these questions, then Jet City Rollergirls wants you!!! No mascot experience or roller derby experience necessary. All you need is WE want is a cute gal with a magnetic personality to rocket us to success!

We need your persona to be: Amelia D. Scareheart #99 (the 99’s was the name of the womens’ pilot organization that Amelia Earhart founded) to find us some new fans and to create her Powder Puff Derby Fanclub (this was the women’s air derby that Amelia also founded) in conjunction with our rollerderby league. This is a great opportunity!!! If you have what you think it takes to be this Cloudbuster Extraordinaire please email:


for contest details! You must be present at our May 12th bout to win this prestigious title!

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